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Events Booking and Merchandise

This page shows the events that Alleyn's School is currently planning and are available for booking.

Available Events:

Club Merchandise

Prices: Silk Scarf - £31.50; Print of School (mounted) - £30.00 (only 2 Print of School (mounted) tickets left!); Silk Tie - £25.00; Cufflinks - £25.00; KeepCup (Black lid/pink plug/black band)  - £20.19; KeepCup (grey lid/pale blue plug/pale blue band) - £20.19; KeepCup (Blue lid/yellow plug/navy band) - £20.19; KeepCup (purple lid/green plug/pink band) - £20.19; KeepCup (red lid/navy plug/orange band)  - £20.19; KeepCup (turquoise lid/lime plug/green band) - £20.19; 400th Anniversary Publication  - £20.19; 400th Anniversary Water Bottle (orange) - £20.19; 400th Anniversary Water Bottle (red) - £20.19; Alleyn's in the 1930s (incl international P&P) - £18.00; Alleyn's in the 1960s (incl international P&P) - £18.00; Donation to Bursaries  - £16.19; Drama & Music: Performing Arts - £10.00; Alleyn's in the 1960s  - £10.00; Alleyn's in the 1930s - £10.00; At the Harbourside (inc P&P) - £6.49; Arthur Chandler's History of Alleyn's - £5.00 (only 3 Arthur Chandler's History of Alleyn's tickets left!); 400 Merchandise International P&P - £3.00

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Secret Postcards

If you have been allocated postcard(s) and wish to pay online please select the relevant number of cards below.

Prices: Secret Postcards 4 cards - £160.00; Secret Postcards 3 cards - £120.00; Secret Postcards 2 cards - £80.00; Secret Postcards 1 card - £40.00

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The Edward Alleyn Club's 123rd Annual Dinner 2019

Friday, 15 November 2019, 19:00 - 23:30

The Peers' Dining Room, House of Lords.
Due to the limited capacity of the venue and expected high demand for tickets, until 30 April, priority will be given to diners who have attended an Annual Dinner in the last 3 years (and their applications will be allocated in order of receipt). All other applications will be allocated after 30 April in order of receipt. Tickets are limited to 2 per application. Any unsuccessful applicants will be refunded.

This event is not currently open for booking. Please check again at a later date.

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